Workshop 2013 BJ Registration

Please fill up the following form to register the Asian G-WADI BJ workshop 2013. Items with “required” should be provided before submitting.

However, due to the lengthy visa procedure, attendees who need visa should be registered at your earliest convenience. The visa documentation procedure may take as long as two-three months.

It is free for invited experts and sponsored G-WADI/IHP participants. For others the registration fee of 800 RMB (Chinese Yuan) will be charged at conference registration desk.

Enter your actual name (first_name middle_name last_name)

Passport Information

Passport Information shall be provided to get the invitation letter.

Contact Information

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Maximum size 10MB. Prepared in English and save as a PDF or Word file.


Maximum size 10MB, in pdf. Participants who need entry visa must provide passport copy.

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7 Replies to “Workshop 2013 BJ Registration”

  1. May I request a duly signed letter of invitation. Likewise may I also apply for fellowship to cover my roundtrip airfare and accommodation during the workshop, being coming from developing country. I hope we can collaborate in the future for academic and research applications in Africa.

    P.S. the box for cv and passport is not working on your website. please advise how to submit

  2. Hello
    I request aupres of your high benevolence the accepation of my application(candidacy) for the workshop(studio) in question organizes by your institution

  3. Mohamed Hamed AL Nasry :

    Have you been sure documentary in the workshop and meeting
    Basbh fee will be paid cash during my presence in China

    Dear, we have three categories of participants.
    1. nominated by regional UNESCO office and fully sponsored by the local organizer.
    2. nominated by regional UNESCO office and local expenses covered by the local organizer, but participants themselves should take care of their international airfares.
    3. who not belongs to the above two categories, should cover all expenses (travel, hotel, etc) themselves, plus a registration fee of 800 Chinese Yuan (about 131 USD). The registration fee is paid at front desk one day before or at the morning of 1st day of workshop.

    for all accepted participants, foods will be provided during meeting period.

    hope such information help you.

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