Special Journal Issue on Sciences in Cold and Arid Regions for Water and Development Information for Arid Lands – a Global Network (G-WADI)

Thanks to Asian G-WADI network and Chinese Academy of Sciences a G-WADI dedicated especial issue in the International Journal : Science in Cold Arid Region- will be published by CAREERI, Chinese Academy of Sciences and China Science Press Ltd. This dedicated issue will be exclusively for G-WADI networks (Asia, Africa, Arab Latin America and Caribbean regions ).

Members of G-WADI research groups working on areas related to G-WADI objectives (refer: http://www.gwadi.org/about/objectives) are invited to contribute to this special issue. Conceptual, theoretical, empirical or position-based manuscripts are welcome. Please find thematic areas outlined in the attached documents.


Submission of full length paper for review 31 July 2012

Comments from review panel 31 August 2012

Final version copy 30 September 2012

Papers will appear in Volume 5 Issue 1 February 2013

The papers should be sent to: r.jayakumar@unesco.org and a.mishra@unesco.org

Please find attached documents for further information.
Announcement for G-WADI Special Issue in International Journal SCAR

Example copy

Page of Copyright

Guide to authors

Sample of SCAR Manuscript (.doc)

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