Report on UNESCO Joint Training Course: Geospatial Methods, Technologies, and Applications in Monitoring Land Cover, Land Use, Fire and Water in semi-arid regions Central Asia

Held on September 19-21, 2009

National Center of Space Research and Technologies, National Space Agency, Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN

In conclusion, the training workshop was a success.  The workshop brought together well-known experts in various fields, including geospatial technologies and resource applications, which are critical in addressing sustainable resources assessment and management in arid and semi-arid regions like Central Asia.  Participants expressed their appreciation and acknowledged that the training was very useful and they are planning to use the knowledge learned when they return to their countries.

At the same time, the trainers felt very happy that their research and methods can be used to address some practical issues. The interaction among the participants and trainers also promoted for some future collaboration possibilities.


Dr. Tatiana Loboda, University of Maryland

Prof. Mutlu Ozdogan, University of Wisconsin

Dr. Pontus Oloofsson, Boston University

Dr. Xin Li, Chinese Academy of Science in Lanzhou

Dr. Gensuo Jia, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Phil Heilman, Southwest Watershed Research Center of USDA-ARS

Prof.  Jiaguo Qi,  Michigan State University and NASA LCLUC’s MAIRS Project Scientist


Dr. Jiaguo Qi, Professor, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA

Dr. Ailikun, Director, MAIRS’s Internationa Project Office, Institute of Atmospheric Physics



Total participants of the workshop: ~60

UNESCO_Training_Report (complete version, PDF)