Pilot basin (study area) under G-WADI program in India: Hard Rock Aquifers in Krishna Godavari Inter-stream Semi-arid region

India is a vast country and more or less all type geological, agro-climatic conditions exist. As per the objectives of the G-WADI the following areas are studied.

Aquifers in different type of hard rocks exist in more than two third part of the country. Majority of them are in semi-arid climate and due to heavy exploitation, the aquifer systems are under stressed. Managing water resources and particularly groundwater is a major issue of concern due to natural aspect of the geological complexity, climate change and man-made aspects of over-exploitation. Hard rock aquifers are not extensive in nature due to its complex geological settings and compartmentation that is a common feature. Therefore, a group of watersheds (aquifers) in granitic terrene in the Krishna-Godavari inter-stream region is being studied for the pilot study. They have several common features e.g., they belong to semi-arid climate and are in granitic terrene but at the same time are different in their land-use, interventions, groundwater exploitation and groundwater quality. The proposed group consists of following 3 watersheds, the progress of each are listed below.

For details, please download the doc file: prog_GWADI-Asia_Oct2009