1. Name a focal person and provide his/her coordinates to all members of the network and UNESCO.
  2. Develop and implement an outreach strategy of the Asian G-WADI network. This must include setting up of a web site at the Asian G-WADI Secretariat hosting institute server, preparation of brochures, posters and other materials, in consultation with other members of the Asian G-WADI share information with global G-WADI secretariat and other regional G-WADI networks.
  3. Seek and compile information and news from all members of the network to be published as news item in the web of the Global and Asian G-WADI network.
  4. Maintain the record of the members of the network, their activities including the pilot basins, and lead the implementation of the approved regional workplans.
  5. Maintain records of the Asian-GWADI meetings in Asia and globally and seek possibilities to provide necessary support if requested particularly for the Asian G-WADI basins. This could include the establishment of a mechanism for exchange of experts and information.
  6. Act as liaison between the Asian and Global G-WADI network
  7. In close coordination with the related UNESCO Cluster Offices and Global G-WADI Network and the Asian G-WADI Advisory Group, prepare an annual plan of action for the network in consultation with other members of the network
  8. Prepare an annual report and a final report at the end of the third year to be presented at the next General Assembly of the members of the Asian G-WADI network.
  9. If new pilot basins are proposed by any member, review the proposal in consultation with the Asian G-WADI Advisory Group members and related UNESCO cluster offices to receive their comments and suggestions on activities to be held at the basin; and to identify possible assistance if needed.

Asian G-WADI secretariat (CAREERI/CAS)

Professor, Dr. Xin Li
Professor, Dr. Zhuotong Nan

Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute,
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Tel: +86 (931) 4967249, 4967298
Fax: +86 (931) 8279161

Updated: 9/23/2013