G-WADI @ Center for Hydrometeorology & Remote Sensing, UC Irvine

Water and Development Information for Arid Lands- A Global Network (G-WADI) at Center for Hydrometeorology & Remote Sensing, University of California, Irvine, has been developing several online data access and visualization tools that allow hydrologist to access high resolution precipitation estimates in real and near-real time. These include:

  1. Rapid Access to Country Data and 0.25° Precipitation Accumulation
  2. G-WADI Realtime High Resolution Precipitation Server

Recently, they have added tutorial videos to their PERSIANN (Precipitation Estimation from Remotely Sensed Information using Artificial Neural Networks) G-WADI site about how to use the website http://chrs.web.uci.edu.

The tutorial videos demonstrate the use of the GWADI interface to visualize PERSIANN -CCS data.  The address is http://persiann.eng.uci.edu/gwadi_tutorial_videos.html. Four language versions including English, Farsi, Chinese and Spanish are provided.

Because Youtube is banned in China, we also uploaded English and Chinese versions to our Asian G-WADI website so that Chinese scientists can also watch them.

English version:

Chinese version:



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