Concept Note: 6th Asian G-WADI and 1st IDI Expert Group Meeting

6th Asian G-WADI and 1st IDI Expert Group Meeting

Groundwater Management in Arid and Semi-Arid regions of Asia: with a view to the groundwater situation in Iran

13 – 16 June 2015, Tehran, Iran

Groundwater is a reliable resource for drinking and production both in terms of quantity and quality. Many Asian countries depend on groundwater for sustenance and their economic activities depend highly on this resource. Problems such as decreasing water tables, reduced well yields, land subsidence, and salinity intrusion that have emerged from overexploitation of groundwater are hindering development and introducing socioeconomic losses.Appropriate policy measures are urgently required to cope with the emerging problems and to manage groundwater in a sustainable manner while taking full benefit of it for the development of Asia.

In this connection, the experience of arid and semi-arid countries dealing with water scarcity and drought related challenges will be shared among the Asian G-WADI countries, and particularly with Iran, through the Asian G-WADI5 Network Meeting. The ultimate goal of this meeting is to improve the national policies for groundwater management in the region as well as Iran towards water security for the growing population in present and future. The other expected outcomes include:

  1. Sharing national/regional experiences in groundwater management and finding solutions for sustainable groundwater harvest/extraction;
  2. Risk reduction in finding appropriate solutions for the challenge of water scarcity in arid and semi-arid countries, particularly Iran; leading to reduced monetary losses and social impacts;
  3. Providing information on current UNESCO-IHP programmes in relation to groundwater management and water management in arid zones (G-WADI);
  4. Networking among the groundwater institutions and specialists with regional water policy making authorities;
  5. Developing activities within the framework of the IHP VIII (2014-2021) ‘Water Security: Responses to Local, Regional and Global Challenges’

The principal target participants of the workshop are senior decision makers at the Ministry of Water of the regional countries and the I.R of Iran. In consultation with the G-WADI secretariat, IGRAC and UNESCO Offices in the Asia-Pacific region (Almaty, Bangkok, Beijing, Indonesia and Jakarta), speakers will be identified to share experience of other countries as well as UNESCO projects on sustainable groundwater management.

For more details, please refer to the attached concept note.

Concept Note- regional G-WADI meeting on groundwater- 2 March (pdf, ~465KB)

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